At Damn Good Steaks, we take quality seriously. We are committed to providing the best tasting meats to you at affordable prices. Our dedication to our customers and taste is something you can trace back to our roots. For over 50 years our local butcher shop, M&M Meatlocker, has been serving the people of Western NC with pride and a simple philosophy; to offer the finest meats and seafood products while staying true to old school butcher traditions like offering fresh and unique cuts of our juicy, flavorful products.


With the exponential growth of our local butcher shop and the demand for online and convenient options for customers, Damn Good Steaks, D.G. for short, was born. Damn Good Steaks holds the same values as our local store and can ship nationally. You may be wondering, why the name and the abbreviation? It is simple really, when you taste our products, you will say, “That is damn good!” The abbreviation has a dual purpose; of course, it is the shortened version of our name. 


However, it also has a personal connection because D.G. also happens to be the initials of someone very important, the owner’s father. You see, being in the butcher business is a family tradition for Ronald Henderson. His Dad, Durris, was a butcher by trade and was even a butcher at M&M Meatlocker before Ronald was born and way before he became the owner. His Dad has been a great influence in Ronald’s life and helped form him into the man/butcher he is today. So now when you see the D.G. on our products, you will know the double meaning!

We believe that the pride we take in the products we sell, our commitment to customer service and our unwavering dedication to taste set us apart from the competition. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed, we guarantee it!
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